Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last catch up of PL!

Tuesday, June 21- One last playdate with Caroline before she moves to Florida. Caroline, Grace has informed us that "she's going to Florida with Jason and Alex and Kristi and Caroline and we can't come. We will miss her but we can send her cards!" :)
Wednesday, June 22- Graham is crawling now- EVERYWHERE! He got himself stuck in the bookshelf and couldn't get out. (it was cute so I snapped a picture then I did help him!)
Thursday, June 23- Shane was gone so I took the kids to the beach house for dinner and met up with the Gernands. We watched the camp's art show. The kids liked it but the interpretive dance of Jesus taking our sins away was a bit confusing for them!
Friday, June 24- our crawler!

Saturday, June 25- we had a garage sale! Jayma and Kelsey were there with all of our junk, I mean, stuff. :) It was a slow day but we still had fun!

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