Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are you laughing..

half as hard as I am about these pics? Gretch took them over the 4th. Hilarious!

Thankful Thursday

35 weeks- I'm thankful for a healthy pregnancy and that we'll soon meet our little guy (and that I won't be carrying him 24/7!)

I'm also thankful for understanding family and friends... Hot Weather + and extra 25 plus lbs + life= a sometimes very cranky mama!

I'm thankful for days with smiles and laughing and dancing and pretending.... She's very much into pretending with her doggies. She feeds them, pets them, and even wants us to play.


We took Grace to the county fair to see the animals. She was much more impressed with the rides!

and the milkshakes.....

I love how when she is so excited she can't help but cover her mouth. She's sitting next to me right now and when the pics showed up she immediately smiled and covered her mouth again. Love it....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Science Central

We went to Science Central in FW with some friends a few weeks ago. It was a fun time! Grace loved the slide.

One of our friends braved the tunnel that was dark.. this is everyone cheering when she made it out!
all 4 kids- look at my little one in the back... marching to her own beat... The little guy on the right- J- is three days younger than Grace.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Our annual blueberry picking happened last week. We had a smaller group this year and it was HOT so we didn't pick as much as in past (and we'd like to think that the crop was not as good but it really may have been the pickers!)
33 weeks and some change
But check out this little worker bee. She got her own bucket and loved it. She picked for about an hour! Granted the blueberries she picked may not have been ripe- we need to continue to work on our colors- pick the blue ones Grace!

Love these ladies..... it's fun to make memories with them. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

One of those days...

It's one of those days... The kind where you just finish cleaning out the inside of your car and you are so happy to finally have it clean and you let your two year old play inside while you wash the mats and she finds a pen and WRITES all over the dash, the door, and the seat.
It's one of those days... The kind where you are FINALLY going to make dinner- the real kind with beer bread, grilled chicken, corn, green beans and your two year old grabs the bag of open beer bread and spreads it so lovingly all over the carpet.
It's one of those days... The kind where you put in a lllloooonnnggggg Sesame Street, leave the powder on the floor, grab a pepsi and some chocolate chip cookies and just... sit.

(pictures are from the other day when she was putting on make up with me in the bathroom. We'll work on eyeshadow techniques soon!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Clothes

Here's a funny story- last week I had a babysitter come while Shane was gone and I had Bible Study. This summer we are doing a Wed. morning study at 6:30 am. I know it's early but it works and we all get breakfast which is great! I had one of the camp staff roll out of bed and come over. We've had her once or twice before including last year a couple times. I made her coffee and got Grace her milk. This time I decided I didn't need to control everything and I'd just let her pick out Grace's clothes. I told her that they were in the 2nd and 3rd drawers and that she could dress her whenever.

When I came home... this is what I found...
Thought #1- hmm... I didn't know Grace had blue capri pants! Well... that's nice because they can go under dresses but I really have never seen them before. I mention this to our Babysitter and she just says..."yeah, they were in there"

Thought #2- Wow... I really can't believe she has clothes I've NEVER seen. Interesting. And even more interesting that she didn't put Grace in a shirt

Thought #3- No. I am very sure I've NEVER EVER seen these in Grace's room. - I then pull up her nightgown and look at the tag and it dawns on me....

My daughter is wearing her new baby brother's 0-3 month pants.


So I started laughing and tell this sweet little babysitter who stays up crazy late and was probably dead tired just says... well that's where her clothes were last year. Yes. Yes they were. And I never thought to tell her we had moved Grace or that she has a new dresser (G. was up when she got there so she didn't go to her room) or that Grace's clothes would be a 24 months or 2T or that they would probably have more PINK and girl colors not blue and trucks and dogs and be TINY! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 4th- catching up!

For the Fourth, we had my girlfriends from Michigan down for an overnight. 6 adults and 10 kids plus us plus others who came for the afternoon- it was a FUN time!

This pic makes me laugh.... we just bought this couch and want to recover it before we move it into the house... so we ended up sitting in our garage - :)

On Sunday we went to the other camp to take the kids on the rock wall. They also got to zip line! I loved watching their faces when they were successful.

And here is wilderness man himself zipping off the tower. :)