Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Trying to get a nice picture of the two of these turkeys isn't easy.

So we just went with the hanging out look.

By the way, her face is all healed up! (minus the header she did at church today and got a little rug burn on her nose!-ha!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Ouchie

Grace had her first major ouchie on Tuesday. We were in the garage and she was sitting on her lawn chair and she started standing on it. I told her not to and that if she did she may fall and it would hurt. Well... that's exactly what happened. A face plant on the cement floor. We scooped her up and got it washed off. Once we knew that her teeth were ok, she and Daddy took a break on the couch together.

And this is how she woke up. It's hard to see but her lip looks like botox gone wrong. It was completely HUGE and swollen. She also bonked her nose pretty well and her forehead.
She kept touching it and she sounded so funny. All day long whenever I looked at her I could hardly take it. Poor Baby!

The swelling went down quickly. This was her the next day.... now we're just keeping neosporin on it to keep it from breaking open. Ouch!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


2- The number of hats Grace chose to wear on our walk the other day.
13- the number of books we read before bed tonight. She especially liked reading the cookie monster and sesame street abc books. :)

17- the number of weeks I'll be tomorrow!

1- the number of sock hands you'll see on Gracie each day. She loves to put her socks on her hands.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Out

Guess what this great weather means? We can get outside! I got this double stroller on craig's list for a great deal and I'm so thankful I can get outside with both the little ones!
They sit kind of close so it's either lots of fun for both of them or too close for comfort... it goes back and forth. :)
Ha! Poor Ian! His winter coat made him a little marshmallow in this! ( I didn't want him getting cold and he did enjoy it!)
We saw ducks, geese, squirrels, and dogs on our walk. What a fun thing to do. Praise God for warm weather!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Girl!

Grandma Shirley came to visit this weekend and she did Gracie's hair! I've never pulled it all back in to a ponytail like this. She looks so grown up!
It lasted pretty well till naptime when the back part fell out. But she is getting big isn't she? :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Journeying into Cloth Diapers

I've been thinking of cloth diapering this next little one and have been doing lots of reading about it. We have a friend at church who cloth diapers and she's been very helpful with ideas. I decided to try it out on Grace. I got a sample pack of prefold diapers with covers and a few all in one diapers. These are like regular disposable diapers with the ease of putting them on.

The washing is a little more than regular but when you add up how much you can save over disposable AND not add to landfills it's a great idea!
Here is Grace in a prefold cloth diaper with a cute flower cover. I think I got them too big because they are really bulky and give her a huge booty!
She doesn't like to wait for me to figure out how to put them on her but then she's impatient for disposables too. But once I get it on her she's fine. We've had a few leaks but again, that's operator error as I'm still learning.

The All In One diapers (bumgenious) are great! they don't leak and she can wear them all night. I have enough to diaper her for two days but not really enough for long term. The great thing is that #2 can use these too! I'll slowly add to the stash and if we decide this is for us you'll see some new favorite blogs on the sidebar. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


I started sorting prepregnancy and baby clothes yesterday. Grace has been blessed with MANY clothes from friends. I wanted to get a head start on making sure they were all organized by size so if this next one is a girl I'll be ready. And I've had some prepregnancy clothes in tubs since I was pregnant with Grace! So it was time to purge. :)
I gave Grace some chalk and let her have a ball. She loved playing with it.
She also liked putting it on her face! Can you see it in this picture? Her lips are a beautiful color of pink, blue, and purple.
We were outside probably too long. It started sprinkling and while we were dry in the garage, Grace ventured out to the driveway. And sat down. And got very very dirty. Then touched her face.
So to add to the colors of chalk we had a nice brown/black going on.
Here she is showing you her face and hands before her bath!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

21 Months

What a difference a year makes. This was Grace on March 10, 2009. She was 9 months old.

Now I don't have a new picture.. I'll work on that. But both babies are sleeping and I'm enjoying the quiet sitting on the couch and I don't want to get up until I have to. Stay tuned for 21 months...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gracie's purse

Ok. Here's what you need to know. At the last MOPS (my mom's group) we brought a tshirt for our kids and we made simple easy little bags out of them. You just cut the tshirt sleeves and glue the bottom and voila- a bag.
So my little gem was not impressed with her bag. She didn't like that it was so floppy I think. She much prefers a paper bag from bath and body works or a little purse to put her treasures. But that doesn't mean she can find a new use for her little bag!
This works much better for her I think. :)

Also.. just a little update for the grandparents. :) We are now 15 weeks and things are starting to show! Funny how with the first one I took belly shots all the time. Not a one this time around. I'll get to it though, when I can figure out how to make myself look better! ha!

More work time

She LOVES to color. We keep the crayons on top of the fridge and she will, numerous times a day, call out "caaarrrrr" which is translated to "mommy, I'd like to color please give me the crayons"
She also loves to put stickers on her paper. That's an other favorite.

See how she concentrates so intently?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


56- The number of times I've taken Grace's temperature in the last 4 days
24- The number of washcloths she pulls out of the drawer each day
10- The number of times she tried to share her washcloths with Ian
1- The number of times she was successful.

She's finally better! We are fever free as of this morning. I'm glad she's on the mend now. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


It's Monday. I'm sitting by Shane and we were looking at the blog and he asked why I haven't updated. It's because I have to get some pictures off the computer and then put them on. Then he gave me a very smart idea. Just post a blog with thoughts. Brilliant. :)

We had a busy weekend. We were out of town and on Sunday Grace came down with a fever. She still has it but the Dr. says it's just viral. Poor baby is so hot and not her usual self. She's cuddly which is nice but I wish it wasn't because she's sick.

We did have a big change this weekend. My little one has switched from calling me mama to mommy! Shane always calls me mommy- like he'll say "say hi mommy" and then she'll say "hi mama" but on Saturday she switched. I tried to get her to go back (mommy seems like something a big kid says!!) but I think that time is over. All day today I heard "Mommy? Mommy?" When did she get so big????

The other thing that's happening is she's becoming a copy cat. She will try to repeat a whole sentence. We left Grandpa and Grandma Diane's last night to Gracie repeating "catch ya later" She'll repeat anything- like if I ask her "want another one?" she will say "notha one" And she actually will respond to questions we ask her. I love that.

She's growing up right before our eyes. Well, if I have to have her grow up so fast at least I can look forward to her being potty trained!