Sunday, July 10, 2011


I did it! I ran my first (in a long long time) 5k! My friends had encouraged me a few months ago to get back in shape by signing up together to run a 5k. We picked one in Indy, along the canal. (It was sponsored by a black men's fraternity, who was having their national convention- offering free prostate exams after- HA!)

Here we are getting ready to go. I wish we would have taken pictures right before. It was a beautiful day and running along the canal was awesome! We finished around 35:30 I am very happy with that. It's not great but I hadn't run at all last week and I am still lugging around baby weight. I thought we'd do it in more than that but Jod and Jo are much faster than me and they kept me going with a few stops. They even went and ran another mile or so after- crazy girls! :)

We had a great time, but the race wasn't all,
There was the food. Much good food. (Five Guys Burgers)
On Saturday after the race we went to Stir Crazy at Castleton. It was delicious! (waiting for their food)
Jo and Jod made their own creations and they cooked it in front of them. They were both very good!

I picked sesame chicken and it was Hands down. I was so full but could not leave any of that good chicken.

I don't remember the name, but a yogurt place we stopped at- It wasn't the add your own toppings that Jo wanted but I think you can see below that we were satisfied. :)

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Shannon Y said...

Awesome Job Shannon!!! So glad you got a chance to get away and have some girl time! Looks like you had fun!