Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching up PL (again)

Here is last weeks project life post!
Sunday, July 17- Grandma Shirley found Grace this Indy 500 shirt at a garage sale. We had her wear it to bed because it's a bit big. She was NOT happy! I think because it looks boyish on her? This pic isn't her being mad about it (although she will not wear it any more-ha!) She was playing pretend with her brella

Monday, July 18- Graham loves to pull all things off of tables, fridges and he cannot stand to have his toys open. He MUST close them. I love watching him do it! He's learning so much every day.
Tuesday, July 19- can you see this silly face of his? Love this too.
Wednesday, July 20- all ready to go to Sophie's 5th birthday party! I wasn't feeling well that day so after the party Grace stayed with the Gernand family and swam at the lake. I'm so thankful for friends who will step in and help! We do miss having family nearby to help us but we are blessed with many friends who fill the gap.
Thursday, July 21- The Ackermans! John and Jodie Ackerman are missionaries in Haiti and were/are like family to me. I have great memories with them on CHOG retreats and up at their house eating the best birthday cake EVER. Seriously. You can't beat it. :) They have been in Anderson for the summer so we went to visit. It was a bit chaotic, as is always with two small children who haven't napped properly but I still enjoyed seeing them.

Friday, July 22- picture on missing camera

Saturday, July 23- picture on missing camera

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