Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, July 10- I love that she's becoming a little less camera shy. I picked this picture because it shows our life- full of stuff (tent and toys) and then both kids doing their thing! Graham is loving the music table and Gracie loves her some snacks!
Monday, July 11- I love this expression- those lips pursed out like that... I see it often! Grace I love your spunk and your playfulness. I wish I had half of it- you keep me on my toes!
Tuesday, July 12- Grace was telling me the names of her babies...
Wednesday, July 13- not a great day for us, but we decided to make a memory and so we went to the fair. Grace liked the horses and baby ducks the best. (and the ice cream)
Thursday, July 14- My little man loves to eat!
Friday, July 15- He's been pulling himself up for a bit now but this was the first time he was standing in his crib when I came to get him!

Saturday, July 16- Grandma Shirley came for the weekend! We pulled out all our junk, I mean stuff, from the attic and then organized it. We also pulled down new toys that have kept the kids entertained! (not new to us, but toys that have been in the attic since Grace was about 2 so new to Graham and fun for Grace!)

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