Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Life catch up

June 7- Grace and Graham are now bath buddies! He loves splashing and she's been so good with him in the tub too. It makes it easier on me!
June 8- Grace and her friend Ian watching Sesame Street. We loved having Ian with us for a
June 10- Happy Birthday Gracie! We celebrated "THREE" by having streamers and balloons in the living room and we opened presents first thing. Her favorite- a pink umbrella of her very own.
June 11- Grace and her friend Jonah are three days apart so we celebrated their birthdays together! Alexis, Jonah's mom, planned a fantastic party!
AND.. just for fun, here is the birthday girl AND boy at two weeks old! :)

I have a few days before this to catch up on but the computer isn't letting me so I'll add those later.. Here is ALL that we've been up to.. Still a ways behind and I have missed some days so I'm adding more pics from certain days.
June 13- First day of swim class! See that smile? It didn't last. :) She was so nervous going to sit with her class and she totally started crying! (heart cracking here!) I had to actually leave the second day because she was running for me.
She's on the right her with her little class. Her teacher was so patient with her.
Here she is going off the diving board! They do this every day and I'm so glad. She eventually stopped crying and started to maybe enjoy it. We would pray every day for Jesus to give her strength and to hold her hand on the diving board. So sweet!
Thursday, June 16- The Mermaid Festival! We had a great time eating good food, and playing fun games. Did you know they give away rabbits and pigs at the mermaid festival? We are way beyond fish people. PIGS. Seriously. who goes home with a pig and says "look mom!" I wonder how many of those pigs actually stayed!
Hannah and Shane rode this ride.. I think it was called the Pharaoh?
They had fun and Shane INSISTED that I ride it again with Hannah. Oh, my riding days are so over. I had fun the first loop, then... not so much. It was a hold on, close your eyes, this will end soon type of feeling.
Hannah used some of her spending money to ride these! The first time I wasn't sure how she liked it but it was apparently enough to go again! :) She also did a fun trampoline thing.
Friday, June 17- Finally a nice enough day for Hannah and Grace to play in the water! (Hannah was visiting us for the week)

Graham was enjoying the sand and water. He is a hot potato like his daddy.. He gets sweaty in about 2 minutes being outside!
And... Shane got to fly! I had gotten him a flying lesson for his birthday and he was able to finally use it! He had a 45 minute flight and was able to go all around our house and Warsaw. I think he may be hooked! :)

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