Saturday, April 28, 2012

I picked up some shoes for the little Miss that's coming soon.  Gracie was so kind to line them up toes to the wall with her and her brother's shoes.  What a fun marker of what's to come. :)
 Shane spent a whole Saturday doing electric work (frustrating, but he did a good job!)  His partner wasn't necessarily helpful but he sure did like to get in the thick of things and "help".
 We had a great visit with our friends the Christophers!  Shane's friends from elementary/grade school.  Kaus' Aunt and Uncle from Utah were in the area too so they came.  I think Shane has been visiting them to ski since he was 17?   We love Mark and Gina!  We had a great day catching crayfish in the creek, doing some of the obstacles on the low ropes course and then taking a great hike.
 The kids ran off with Mark and Gina (they ran up this hill!!) so we had a nice walk.  Well, I got a head start, because I took like 10 breaks!
Last week we took a quick trip to Michigan to see one of my best friends.  She had her fourth baby- Harrison David.  The kids were troupers. I got them out of bed and put them straight in the car, then when we left I put them back in their jammies, drove home and put them straight to bed!  Grace plaed ALL day long with Norah.  She had such a good time! I think this was her first time climbing a tree!
And here's the sweet little man.  Jess was right, he does not get put down much at all! But seriously, who would put this sweet little thing down? :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

 Here is the rest of Easter.  We hid eggs for the littles to find.  Graham was on it like it was his job.
 I got him the hat in Vancouver and he keeps it on which makes me smile so big!
 Sister did not want to stop for a picture because she was FINDING EGGS!  But I did get a few.
My fam.  I didn't realize how tall my nephew is getting!  

 Grandma Wilson got the kids rain boots.  That means Graham can get in the water now!
 He was a bit unsteady on his feet but after a few weeks he's got it down (minus the falling in the creek and going in water taller than his boots parts)
 4 Grandkids for Tom and Sue.  1 more coming in August!
 Throwing rocks in the water...  Graham only wants to throw the big rocks now.  No small ones for this slugger.
And this?  This is what happens when you have to walk up our driveway.  Some make it, some don't.  Good thing my sister had some pretty flowers!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

For some reason the pictures I just downloaded aren't showing up on the computer yet.  So here is 1/2 of our Easter celebration.  My entire family came down from Michigan!  We had a great time showing them around, going to Nashville and of course, celebrating Easter!  I love this picture of Dad and Graham walking up the hill.

We also got some time with Grandma Shirley!  And she brought us a new popcorn maker!  Our air popper only lasted 3 months-boo.  This one is a stir crazy one and we love it.  Our new family favorite- popcorn and America's Funniest Videos on netflix.  :)

After Easter church we went to the Colony Inn for a wonderful brunch.  It was nice not to have to cook!
ok... so blogger changed a bit and I can't figure out how to type under the last two pics!

Below- Graham had the same food on his plate but it tasted oh so much better on Grandmas!
Below Below- My three favorite people all dressed for Easter.  Love them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching up and #3

We've had a busy March!
Gracie and I planted pansies. She found some friends and she LOVED them! She even tried to hug them. When we put this one back she said "Mom, I really miss my friend." Ha!
Grandma Shirley brought Rilee and Reese for a visit. We had a fantastic time playing and going on hiking adventures.
Grandpa and Grandma Hartman came for a visit and to say happy birthday to Shane.

I went on a work trip to Vancouver. The building to the right is the convention center and hotel I stayed at.

And it's a girl! We are going to have two little "misses" running around. Gracie's been calling the baby a girl for a long time so she was just like "I told you so" ha!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brown County

Shane was gone for a few days this month and on a warm day I decided to take the kids to the State Park. It's 2 miles from us. We found a little playground. Miss Cheesy face had a great time!
They love being outside. I'm thankful for great parks in our area for our kids since we live on a hill! (we do have an entire camp to play in, but parks are great too :) )
snack time- yum! (Kristi, your shirt is one of Gracie's favorites!)

We love swinging!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Graham 18 months

I guess he's technically 19 months and some change but we just took Graham in for his 18th month appointment.
At 18 months Graham: (or 19 months, or whatever)
  • is 24lbs! Big boy (ok, I know that some 7 month olds are like that size but he is growing!)
  • runs all over! I love watching him run.
  • follows commands- he will throw things in the trash for you!
  • is a climber. He loves to climb on the table or use a stool to climb on the couch
  • says up please, down please, more please (they all sound the same but he does say them!) ball, apple, momma, daddy, bye bye, night night.
  • signs "please" and "more"
  • is great at picking up! He's likes order and putting things together and taking them apart

  • loves loves loves to be outside. He hates to be brought in!
  • is a good eater. He is not a big fan of meat but he likes raisins, pears, apples, peaches, grapes, pb&j, eggs, toast, pizza, and he really likes cheese tortellini with pesto!