Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Ocean

Here she is hightailing it to the ocean, she was so excited! AND... that ended the excitement. She was not thrilled with the noise, the waves, the temperature. She spent about 2 minutes down near the water and then wanted to walk back up near the condo. Far away from that threatening ocean!

(she did LOVE collecting shells, but she was happy to find them in dry sand)
This was our walk the next day. Shane and I walked along the water line. She walked parallel to us but farther up on the shore, well away from the water!

And here's Graham's first time dipping his toes in the water! He was not impressed- ha!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, April 17- On our way to Florida! We stopped off at the Opryland Hotel. It was beautiful!
Monday, April 18-This is our condo we stayed at- The Boardwalk Condo. Shane stayed at the neighboring conference center a few years ago when he went on a youth trip. There were no other high rises around us- I liked that! We were on the 21st floor, (2nd from top) on the left hand side.
Tuesday, April 19- We walked down to Spinnakers to eat dinner. We had a GC for $25 off of $50 so we ATE a ton! It overlooked the beach and was a fun atmosphere. The best part? Peanut Butter pie ON a stick! :)
Wednesday, April 20- Our good friends Jason and Kristi are moving to Florida- They bought a pizza place there called Pizza by the Sea. It's not far from Panama City beach so Shane golfed with Jason today and then we all went over for dinner! I had spaghetti pizza- sounds funny but it was so good! The restaurant is right beside Seaside which is super cute and has fun stores. I liked seeing Jason there and knowing where my friends will be living (but I'll miss them like crazy!)

Aaannnnndddd...... that's all. I did take more pictures, but I cannot find my camera anywhere! I am so bummed about that. My house is mostly clean too! I know it's here because I took pictures of the beautiful tulip tree and our flowers out front on Sunday. Praying I find it quickly!

Monday, April 25, 2011


We are back from a great family vacation to Florida! We had a fantastic time and the weather couldn't have been better. 80's all week! (sorry you IN and MI people!)
Grandma Shirley went with us and we drove down. We stopped in Nashville because Shirley and I had never been to the Opryland Hotel. It was a great stop! The pics above are when we stopped for lunch. (and yes, our kids were properly buckled in when driving. :) )
We walked around the hotel for a bit, and then got Gracie some pink Ice cream.

After the hotel we drove on to Birmingham and spent the night there. I'm glad we did it like that. It made the trip easier driving down. We drove all the way home and it was a long long day.
but then we got HERE!!!! This was our hotel! Look all the way up to the top, go one floor down and two windows over on the left and that was our condo! It was so nice and we didn't hear any noise from the pools below. AND with the windows and sliding door open we had great sounds of the ocean every night. Loved it!
More pics to come!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chalk Fun

I love warm days outside! (and my family)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to our church's Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Grace was a bit unsure about all the people and didn't want to play the games. She had to be persuaded.

This one she got to throw an egg into a bucket. She won this cute pink chocolate bunny.
And could not get enough of it. It was gone in a heartbeat!
Graham liked watching everyone. He didn't get to partake of the egg finding. There were so many kids there! The could get 10 each but either the parents didn't hear or didn't manage their kids because they ran out fast! Grace was very happy to get 6 of them and then gave three to a little girl who only found one. I love that she was ok with sharing!

They had a cake walk and I made this cute sunflower cake! It was super easy and super cute if I do say so myself-ha! (it looks more like a sunflower when you look down on it)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Monday, April 11- Grace and I went outside to play with chalk. She had fun putting it on her face and I had fun making signs for Shane- ha!
Tuesday, April 12- a quick visit to see Grandma Diane at the lake. We had a nice time and Grace liked walking down by the water.
Wednesday, Apri, 13- Story time at the library! We go every Wednesday and Grace has really started to enjoy it. This time we walked there (I needed a good walk!) and they had two alpacas come for the kids to see/touch.

Thursday, April 14- no picture
Friday, April 15- Shane went to take down the Christmas wreath (yup, in April...) and look what we found! There are five eggs in there and I am so excited to see them as baby birds! (but it's a small nest so I'm hoping I don't have to clean up any little ones who get squished out and onto our porch!)

Saturday, April 16- Trying out his hat.. it came off about 10 seconds later.

Sunday- April 17 - road trip= more to come!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two Things

1) This little man wiggled out of his jammies the other day!

2) SUMMER is coming! That means good friends and ice cream cones- how fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Monday- April 4- no picture. I drove to the airport in South Bend to pick up my friend Eva! Her husband surprised her with a week away for her birthday to visit with me!
Tuesday, April 5- No other pictures today but this one! It's called Blueberry Dutch Baby! YUM! Check out the recipe here
Wednesday, April 6- We had so much fun trying new recipes! Eva and her family really strive to eat healthy, good for you foods. I'd like to think we do too, but we have a ways to go (smile). It was fun to try new recipes with Eva. Here she is making fudge babies. Recipe is here
Thursday, April 7- My two sillies.
Friday, April 8-Eva ordered a special pie from a coffee shop in town- DELISH! We celebrated her birthday and her time with us.
Saturday, April 9- We stopped at Target after we dropped Eva off at the airport- Look who got to ride in the front of the cart! I couldn't stop smiling at him!

Sunday, April 10- Today was HOT! I went up in the attic to get Grace's summer clothes down and pulled out a few swimsuits from last year to see if they still fit. She wore it all day and had her own little "beach time" in our mulch. Ha!

Monday, April 11, 2011


We are LOVING this beautiful spring weather! Yesterday it was actually HOT out and I had to put sunscreen on Gracie.

And nice weather means... dipes on the line again! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


On our way home from Michigan we stopped to meet Gretch at the mall. Grace had fun at the playland on on the horse.
But she REALLY LOVED going to her house. We came home with a van FULL of treasures. Thanks G for her special box and all of the treats. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Recipe

New recipe at the Hartman House (see link on right)

I wasn't sure about these but am so glad I tried them!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I am really enjoying doing this project. I've missed a few days but overall I think it's been a great way to look at our year. I need to order some more pictures and update my photo album.

Monday, March 28- We were in Michigan and went to my Aunt Dorothy's to visit. Grace loved playing with her toys and my mom was a good sport playing with her!
Tuesday, March 29- The Butterfly Exhibit- not the best day for Grace but I enjoyed it!
Thursday, March 30- Grace enjoyed waiting for the kids to get home from school on THE SCHOOL BUS! Lucky the cat enjoyed waiting with her in the sunshine.
Friday, March 31- Graham and Hannah enjoyed a bit of snuggle time before she left for school and we headed back to Indiana.
Friday, April 1st- Daddy came home after a few days away! Graham was squealing with excitement at seeing Daddy and doing this new trick.
Saturday, April 2nd- We pulled out Graham's play table and he and his sister had some work time together.

Sunday, April 3- Little Man all dressed up for church.