Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First (real) haircut

Shane told me last week that Gavin was looking like one of the guys from Dumb and Dumber.  Now, I know my baby is cute and that his hair was cute but he was starting to look like no one was taking care of him. (ha!) It was time for a haircut! 
I had been trimming his bangs and Grandma Shirley and I had trimmed up a few long pieces around 6 months or so but it was looking pretty shaggy (and uneven!)
Here are some befores.  He just started squishing up his nose.  Funny.
And here's his first "after"!  I had her keep it long ish and just clean it up a bit.  He'll need it cut soon but that's ok. 
And, as if on cue, a squishy nose "after". 
My sweet boy.  He had the flu this week.  Even not feeling well he's so stinking cute! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

life lately

Lately Gavin has taken to helping Gracie empty the dishwasher.  He is all over and into everything.  We have a baby gate over the stairs to the basement, one around the stairs upstairs and a big one around our bookcases and school supplies.  Our house is totally gated.  Ha!

Lately Grace has seemed so grown up to me!  She loves this hat from her cousin Hannah and often wears it to bed.  She has found out that "potty talk" (words like pee and poop) is funny and cracks herself up daily. (and yes we try to reign it in but she's six!) 
Lately this one has loved taking baths!  Teething has given him some pretty amazing diapers and blow outs so he has spent some time in this tub!

and lately he has started WALKING!!!  It started with this push toy for his birthday and just yesterday he started taking a step or two on his own.  Sniff sniff... my baby....

Lately we've been so busy that I haven't posted his 11 month pic.  And he's so busy that I just used the sticker on his back instead of trying to keep him facing me!

Lately Grahammers has wanted to hold his baby brother.  Oh buddy, you should have taken advantage of holding him when he couldn't move much.  He is so not interested in cuddling!

Lately we've been trying to take advantage of nice weather to hike.  Shane is good about taking the kids out and they love exploring with him.  On this hike Gav and I even joined in.  

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place and have the opportunity to enjoy all the property around us. 

Lately my kids have been involved in our church!  Grace is the middle angel and did a great job singing for the kids Christmas program.  I loved watching her watch the program too.  It was funny and her face was all smiles and would light up when they would say a joke.  Graham was a sheep (with no costume or make up- not interested!) and he did a great job going up there despite some hesitation.  I was proud of both of them!