Monday, February 20, 2017


 This sweetie has gotten little press here.  But he sure shines in our home!  Gage is full of life and laughter.  Nerf guns invaded our house at Christmas which means bullets EVERYWHERE.  Gage loves it and can often be found with one hanging out of his mouth like this.
 He has taken off in the last month.  He loves to explore and play.  He pulls himself up to anything and IN anything! :)
 He is very close to his first steps.  He will walk with your hands and is starting to venture into letting go just a bit.
With his newfound exploring attitude comes him getting into everything.  Which means his siblings have to find new ways to keep him away hence the stool barricade.  Look at that little guy trying to see what he is missing! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Anyone still here?

I am going to try to bring up this blog.  I miss writing and sharing our lives.  Plus I'd love to someday make these into blog books to replace my old scrapbooks that are gathering dust somewhere!

 Look at this beauty.  Gracie is 8!  EIGHT!?  How did she get so big?  She is turning into such a little lady.  She loves adventures, using her imagination, and all things cats.  A stray showed up at our house last fall (she's super friendly so we think she was someones house cat).  When she didn't leave we adopted her as an outside cat and named her Callie.  Grace and Callie are BFF.  Grace has also decided she wants a cat collection of figurines and when she grows up she will have INSIDE cats.  :)
 Graham is 6.  He has the best heart and is always trying to help.  He's loving his snap circuits and magformers he got for Christmas.
 Gav is 3!  He started preschool a few weeks ago!  He's had in home speech therapy since Gage was 1 week old but he graduated and still needs some speech help so he goes to preschool two times a week and likes it so far!  He loves all things trains, and is starting to love Paw Patrol and Dinotrucks. He is silly and has such a funny personality.
And the caboose!  Gagie is 11 months and try as I might, I cannot stop time.  He has the funniest deepest laugh and loves following his siblings around.  He's pulling up to things and Grace taught him to take steps behind his walker!

We are still loving our little cabin in the woods and have made great connections with our homeschool community and our church.  I'm excited for this next year to see how our kids will grow. We also have some fun things coming up.  Shane and I are taking a walk to Emma's this year.  I am looking forward to that as well as celebrating 10 years together this spring!