Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gracie Lou Who

This is all about the big sister today.. She's such a good big sister! She loves loves to be near Graham. When he cries she makes sure we know and she speaks to him in this sweet little high pitches voice.
She loves playing pretend and her toys. Even today the remote controls where her puppies- ha!
It's hard to get her to smile at the camera now. She'll do it for point five seconds and then look away.. my digital camera is not that fast!
We went to a birthday party last weekend and they had a pinata. Grace took the star as her "hat" :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He's growing....

Not only is Graham growing (out of newborn clothes and dipes- on to 0-3 months!) but he's growing on me.
Before you roll your eyes, let me explain. Of course, I love him. I've loved him since before he was born, but I think that the bond is growing. Interestingly enough, it happens at night. :)
I get up, numerous times- between 4-6 times!- to feed Graham. A few nights ago, I looked down and he was curled up on my chest, similar to this picture. I kissed his head head and breathed in his baby smell and couldn't get enough and I realized that I love him and I am loving him more each day.
The more he interacts with us, the more we'll bond. Shane reminded me of that- it was that way with Grace.
So he's growing physically and also more in my heart.

ok, cheesy post done, go about your business. :)

Stay tuned this week for a Grace post!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Weeks

Graham is FOUR weeks old!
( couldn't get the red eye out of this without ruining the pic!)

At 4 weeks he:
  • does pretty much what he did at 3 weeks. ha! No, he's getting the hang of eating and is spacing it out a bit at night
  • sleeps in his crib
  • likes to "get up" at 4 am and sleep on mom's chest on the couch. :)
  • has gotten lots and lots of love from his big sister!
We are getting into a grove here and I'm slowly emerging from the laundry piles.. another few days and I'll be there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Handed

Typing one handed..... so just a few pics... (this one... present from sis..)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daddy Time

Since my hands have been full feeding Graham and ... well, uh, feeding him some more! Grace has been having lots of Daddy time.
She loves going to work with Dad. Especially when work means getting to ride the gator!

If anyone sees any glasses like these anywhere, can you pick us up a pair? She cannot go anywhere without them and I can't find them today- a rough start to our first trip to Walmart (me with both kids!) I think she's pretty light sensitive because she won't leave the house without her glasses. :)

Three Weeks

Graham is THREE weeks old!

We had a full weekend of visitors and lots of fun. (didn't take ONE picture though!) Graham at three weeks-
  • is, as of last night, sleeping in his crib!
  • has a few hour stretches of sleep, then likes to "snack" every hour until Grace wakes up and I can't sleep in anymore!'
  • likes to snuggle in against my neck, just like his sister did.
  • has survived some rough "love pats" from his sister- that which doesn't kill us... ha!

(forgot to take a picture yesterday so this was last night when he just wanted to eat... no happy faces from Graham!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

How have almost 3 weeks gone by? Where have they gone? :) Today I am thankful for:
  • My pretty princess. She's just now starting to get into dressing up and choosing what she wants to wear. Some times it's cute and funny - like this picture!
  • Sharing- look closely and you'll see the bracelets that Grace shared with her brother. He was pretty happy about it as you can see!
Here are a few more- in no particular order-
  • meals brought by friends- what a blessing!
  • late night tv :)
  • maternity pants - loving the panel still!
  • babies who snuggle into your neck
  • chocolate chip cookies. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Man

I took Graham to be weighed today.....
9 pounds 2 ounces!
(and see how hard it was? He's plum exhausted!)

I looked back at Grace's weights, for fun. She was 9lbs 4 oz..... at 9 weeks!!! So glad he's growing so well and fast!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Despite this face, Graham was so happy that Aunt Michelle, Uncle Adam, Aaron and Hannah came to visit!
Grace was too. She loves showing people her toys and her room. :) We had a nice visit with you all, please come back soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Weeks

Graham is TWO WEEKS old! Here he is with his sock monkey.

At Two Weeks Graham-
  • eats a lot. :)
  • has about an hour and a half a few times a day where he is awake
  • went to church for the first time today- he was greeted by lots of warm wishes and love!
  • sleeps fairly well. His little moans and noises keep me up so we'll soon move him to his room instead of our pack and play
  • knows how to fill a diaper! ha!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Here are some pictures to get the grandparents through the weekend. :)
Yes, he does a lot of sleeping. The last two nights he has wanted to eat A TON. That means mama isn't doing a lot of sleeping. Overall, we're doing ok though
He loves to be snuggled with a blanket.

I love it when he is awake. His eyes are so inquisitive. I love how he checks everything out. We're having his pictures taken today. Can't wait to share those with you!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Big Sister finally wanted to hold her brother!
Today she was looking at him in his bouncy and kept saying "she's soooo cute" ha!
and of course... he shouldn't be wearing socks so sister assisted him. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We are HOME! Graham's numbers dropped significantly the two days we were at the hospital and we are now home! We are praising God for a healthy baby and great medical care.
Grace liked using her glasses to "check out Graham"
Getting ready to go home- love that I can now put clothes on my little man!
I'm not sure who was more exhausted!

Graham's first bath- long overdue!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Week

Dear Graham- you are one week old. Today I would have taken your picture with a sock monkey, starting weekly pictures to watch you grow. Instead I took your picture with a blue light for your jaundice. We are back in the hospital to get your numbers down. Here is a look at your first week-
Grace loved visiting you in the hospital. Whenever someone comes into the room she points to you and says "that's Graham"
You had lots of visitors!- Kristi
Dave and Jamal.
Christi- (you'll love playing with Ian soon!)
Kelsey, Ryan, Sophie and Oliver. They are our neighbors and friends. Grace loves playing with them and I know they can't wait to teach you lots of things too.
Jodie and Joanne
Grandpa Wilson
Grandma Wilson, Aunt Michelle and Mommy
Grandma Diane
Grandma Shirley
At one week you:
  • have had a total of 4 extra hospital nights (counting tonight) and we are praying that's the last!
  • have been a bit slow to eat but you're coming around :)
  • had a great "explosion" on the nurse today. She was changing your dipe and you just kept going and going andgoing... all over her and your crib!
  • get the cutest wrinkly forehead
  • purse your lips just so when you're trying to get comfortable. Love it
  • Have peed on Mommy two times!
at home with your light pad (before we had to come back to the hospital)
You are a great baby and have been sleeping a lot. Part of that is because of the extra bilirubin but I'm also claiming that you're just going to be a champion sleeper!
snuggling with Grandpa and Grace.
Coming home.