My name is Shannon.   I began blogging when my firstborn, Grace, was a few weeks old in 2008.  I started our blog as a way for our family and friends to see her grow.  It's become a great hobby of mine.

Grace is full of imagination, spirit, sugar AND spice, and has a bit of bossiness thrown in there! She loves all things pink and pretend.

We had our son, Graham in 2010.  He is all boy and full of energy and spunk.  He's adventurous all boy.  He loves  playing with his cars and trucks and still likes to cuddle first thing when he wakes up which makes his mommy happy. :)

In May of 2012 we found out that our third child, Gabriella Marie, had Trisomy 13.  She was born July5th  at 34w5d and lived for 2 hours and 10 minutes.  We are so thankful for that time with her and know she is in heaven.  We will all celebrate with her again someday there.

Our "rainbow" baby, Gavin Thomas was born December 24, 2013.  He looks just like his big brother and is a blessing to all of us!

I write mainly for family and friends who don't live nearby to watch our kids grow and keep up with our lives.  Writing here has also been therapy in in my grief over losing a child.

I am a child of God and am so thankful to be saved by His grace and mercy.  I really do have the greatest friends.  I love chocolate, a hot drink in my hands, reading books and lots of blogs, traveling, my husband and my family.


PS- if for some odd reason you found this through a search because you found out your baby has been given a terminal prenatal diagnosis, please feel free to contact me.  I did a lot of blog searching when we found out Ella had trisomy 13.  The people I met online through that were so valuable to me in dealing with her diagnosis.  I'd love to help and pray for you.  s2hartman@yahoo.com

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