Sunday, January 29, 2012

12 Things in 2012

I'm reading through two good books... The Money Saving Mom's Budget and Organized Simplicity. (you can download this to your kindle right now FOR FREE! - or any other reading device I believe, go get it, it's FREE!) Both highly encourage making lists and goals. In that light I've made a list of 12 things I'd love to do/try in 2012. Some of them are not too hard but I want to be successful so I think that by putting them in there that will help!

12 Things to Do in 2012
January- make homemade hand soap I tried this and it was great! It's very cheap and easy. I'd use a different scent next time what what I have works fine. It's a little thinner than regular soap so I may try a foaming dispenser.
February- make homemade laundry detergent. My friends Kelsey and Joanne use powdered but I have all for liquid so that's what I'm going to try first.
March- make homemade wheat thins (found the idea on a few places, doesn't look hard and I love wheat thins!
April- use my new (to me two years ago!) sewing machine. I have never used one before but I have a few fun ideas.
May- plant carrots, beans, herbs, peppers for our garden
June- make Gracie's birthday cupcakes/cake/cakepops. Not sure which
July - crochet a WHOLE potholder. (haha! I've tried this before=fail!)
August- have our baby! Make graham's birthday cake/cupcakes
September- make homemade applesauce. It was a lot of work but it's worth it. I couldn't have done it without my MIL so I'm going to try to recruit her again! :)
October- homemade poptarts
November- make a good loaf (or multiple) of homemade bread
December- make Christmas presents for family and friends. Not sure what yet.

That's all. What do you think? I'm really hoping to try these things and learn some new recipes/crafty ideas. So, um....did you catch anything special for any of the months? That's right!! We'll be adding a new Hartman to the mix in August! I think that feat and making a cake for Graham's second birthday are quite challenging goals for that month. Ha! We are thrilled and so very thankful for the blessing of a new life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Grace got a Pinkilicious book for Christmas. It has a cd that tells the stories and cute little ideas after each story. We decided to try one of them- Pink cake cookies!
Grace worked hard adding the ingredients and rolling the cookies into balls. Frosting them was her favorite part.
or maybe it was the sprinkles....
or licking her fingers....
No, I'm pretty sure these two liked eating them the best!

It was the first time I've just handed Graham a frosted cookie. He loved it!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Life is good. My boy is learning how to color. My girl is learning how to write her letters.
I've been able to use placemats I bought in Haiti years and years go- papaya, mango, avocado, and watermellon (gracie calls it mellon water :) )
Both of my kids like to read. They'll sit quietly with books and sit in our laps to read.

Our family has, in our backyard, beautiful hills and trails and places to walk.

Life is Good.

Joy Dare 17/366 (Count 1000 Gifts in 2012/3 gifts a day)
a gift that made you quiet #54- hubby giving me a foot rub at the end of the day.
a gift that made you laugh #55- dancing to pandora radio/toddler station
a gift that made you pray #56- getting back up the driveway after "trying" to back down it and almost getting stuck.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Commons

We have enjoyed getting to know Columbus a bit. They have an indoor play area called The Commons. It has this climbing thing that is unlike any I've seen. Two stories! We went there on a busy Saturday and the kids had a great time.
Graham could have gone up and down the slide a million times.
There are different areas that kids can climb on and around. My favorite part???....
Grace, who can sometimes be a bit reserved on trying new things literally just jumped on the climbing tower thing and took off! She made it about 3/4 of the way to the top!

(that's her above the two people) I was SO SO proud of her!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

This was Grace at oh, I think 10 months? Easter time at my sister's.

And here is Graham at almost 17 months. Whenever the fridge opens he drops whatever he's doing and high tails it to the fridge.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just for fun

Graham liks to walk around holding on to his pants, just for fun.
Gracie likes to chuck her my little ponies down the stairs and then play with them on the couch, just for fun.

She's also a fan of dressing up (a million times a day), just for fun.
After New Years, Gracie and I trekked over to Sophie and Oliver's house in her new sled, just for fun.
And, just for fun, here is how my kids look when totally enthralled in a tv show!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


These three are great friends. Grace can hardly walk or drive by their house (they live near us) without begging to go see them.

She has many many friends that she loves to play with. But these two along with Jonah, another neighbor friend- she can't stop talking about. Yesterday we told her we were going to try a new church. She said..."um, no, I think I'll go to Sophie and Oliver's". :) I like that she has good friends.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Water babies

We were blessed with some tickets to Slash Universe and we used them up during the Christmas break. We had a great time!
Grace would have NOTHING to do with any slide when we got there. She just wanted to stand and play in the kiddie pool. About half way through she decided to try the little slide. She learned that it was fun! Graham couldn't get enough either!
(that's a happy child, who hates water in her face)

We did go down the lazy river a few times and the last time she actually liked it. ha! We also took her down a bigger slide with us= NOT HAPPY. Graham liked it though. All but when the bucket from above tipped on him and daddy and drenched them!

Friday, January 6, 2012


It's not because I don't want to post. I do. It's mostly because I have too much to say... and babies to feed and play with, and life to live. Like right now..right now there's dishes to unload, dishes to reload. A pantry to organize, about 3 loads to wash, a Thomas the Train being pushed on my keyboard, and stickers being randomly applied to my shirt.

We've started a new adventure. We'll be spending some time in Brown County. From where I am sitting I am looking down on beautiful trees, a winding stream and total quiet. Brown County- Nashville area is gorgeous and full of things to see/do. So far we've checked out the post office, the library, and the YMCA, ending with a fantastic McDonald's trip. McDonald's tastes the same wherever you go. How about that for always being "home"?
I'm going to do this for 2012. I want to be thankful for everything, for every moment, even the hard ones. Today I am thankful for my sister for sending me my favorite sunglasses. I could have bought another pair, but when you find your favorite... it's hard to find one that just fits perfectly. And I wear my glasses all.the.time. I was lost without them. I am thankful for the abundance of food in our fridge (now I need the gumption to prepare it!) and for my sweet husband who has been doing whatever it takes to make me happy. That's not always easy.

Let me know if you will take this joy dare too. My friend gave me a journal for this adventure and I'm using that to keep track.

And now I smell something that needs changed....

better go!