Friday, February 25, 2011

Project Life Tuesday...on Friday

Late in my Project Life Post... We were out of town and then Graham and I got sick. Not fun. Thankfully he's feeling better and I just have a head cold. Anway..
Monday- February 14- Happy Valentines Day! I made pink heart pancakes for Grace and Shane. :)
Tuesday- February 15- We went to Muncie to ride with Brad and Diane to a visitation. Unfortunately the situation was sad, someone passing away. It was good though to see family.
Wednesday- February 16- Grace is doing so well playing by herself. Her imagination is taking off. She loves her castle and all things princess, pink, and pretty!

Thursday, February 17- no picture but I'm going to use a few from the weekend.
Friday, February 18- We had our friends Evan, Christi, and Ian over! He looks a little scared in this picture but I think I caught him mid pose. It was the only one I could get with both of them! We had fun playing with Ian.
Saturday, February 19- My sweet boy cuddling with me after Upward.
Saturday- February 19- We had a stray cat outside who was sticking around. He was so so sick and skinny. Shane felt bad for him so he bought him some food. The cat must have been a house cat because he's tame and gentle. We are not going to keep him for all of you starting to panic! (but Grace would LOVE that) we just didn't want him to die because of the cold. Shane's looking into taking him somewhere to help him.

Sunday, February 20- Jayma's shower! (not sure which pic I'll use) Jamal is getting married NEXT MONTH! We had so much fun planning this shower for her. I made cake balls- YUM! And there was so much food. Jodi made this amazing coffee punch that no one really drank so we kept going back for more. I felt so sick by the end of the day- because of course you know we can't stay away from the food! (I also made everyone take an eyes closed pic-probably only funny to a few- ha!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


New recipe for pizza/spaghetti casserole up. Click on The Hartman House recipes link on the right!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Monday Feb 7- Look at my big boy! I think he looks so big in his cargo pants. :)
Tuesday- Feb 8. You see? He really is a big boy. He loves to roll and play with his toys.

Wednesday- Feb 9. We went to story time at the library today! Kelsey took a picture of Grace that I'll put here.
Thursday Feb. 10. Sweet potatoes. He loves them.
Friday February 11. We went to Ft. Wayne to do a little shopping. One of our favorite things to do? Get popcorn from Target.
Saturday- Feb. 12. Reading time for the little man. (so cute!)
Sunday- Feb. 13. I didn't take any pictures today except for our spaghetti casserole for dinner!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

From my two favorite valentines...

pink pancakes for breakfast... pinkalicious! Hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know..
- yesterday while making tortilla soup, cookies, sweet potatoes for Graham, and mac and cheese for lunch I made the biggest mess in my kitchen EVER. We're talking boiling over water, cilantro all over thanks to my helper, and sweet potatoes on the cupboards, floor, rugs, you name it?
Did you know that Graham can now roll from his back to his belly too? Well he did it once yesterday. And did you know he LOVES sweet potatoes? Like hungry hungry hippo loves... :)

Did you know I have 9 followers to this blog? I never really looked at that before. That's fun. I know more people read it too. Who knew people would care about what my kids are up to! (besides Gmas and Gpas of course)
-Did you know that my daughter calls herself Hannah (and demands to be called Hannah) 80% of the time? And did you know that she also likes to pretend she's a puppy? Like, crawling on the floor all the way down the church hallway, panting with her tongue out pretending.

Did you know that today is story time at our library? We're hoping that little Miss Grace, I mean Hannah will sit better than last time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life week 5

Monday- January 31- I drove to Huntington to visit some friends I used to work with. We all have two kids now! The big girls had fun playing together and the little ones.. well we pretty much either chased em down, fed em, or tried to keep em happy!
Tuesday- Feb. 1st. THE BIG SNOW. Shane left on Monday for the week and they kept talking about the blizzard of 2011. I had to turn off the news because it was making me more worried about how much we were going to to hit! We did get quite a bit but it was ok. This was my first time shoveling our driveway- my hubby is great like that! (this pic was taken on Wednesday but I wanted to show the snow we got on Tuesday)

Wednesday- Feb. 2nd. Grace and I made homemade graham crackers! She loves eating the dough raw and making the star shapes. They are delicious!
Thursday Feb. 3. We got out of the house! We went to the community center and ran/walked 5 laps! Then we went to the library. Grace got Pinkalicious again. She LOVES all things pink. We also picked up Purplicious which is cute but not as cute as Pinkalicious.
Friday, Feb. 4- Grandpa and Grandma Diane came to visit! Grace was so excited to see another face besides her mama! They spent the afternoon visiting and I got to make them Olive Cheese Bread!! (Shane does not like olives!).
Sunday, Feb. 6. No pics on Saturday so I'm putting two of my Sunday favorites. Shane and Grace played in the snow and she loved it! She was not a fan, however, of the snow on her gloves! Then we went to play with her friend Jonah and then we all went to the Gernand's for a Super Bowl Party! The kids had fun. The men, I'm sure were wishing for a quiet room! Ha!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Week

Shane was gone all last week. Of course we'd get a snowstorm! :) We had a good week though.

We organized Graham's clothes for the next size. Here's sis telling me "don't take my picture!"
I love those eyes. She was squeezing under his crib.
And here's the mister in his warm jammies. Notice his sweet hair is really growing!
Ha! He has incredibly dry skin on his scalp so one day I rubbed nivea cream all over his head and made him a big greasball. :) It did help!

Olive Bread

I made The Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese bread on Friday. LOVE. Check out the recipe on the recipe blog. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We're into funny faces around here. What's your go to funny face? Here is Grace's. She cracks us up every time she does it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for-
- this daddy son combo. I really like them both. (really)
A whole week with this little firecracker. The snow kept us inside but we had fun. Today we made it to the library and we did a few laps around the community center. She did 5 laps- that's like 1/2 mile! Praying she sleeps well tonight! :)
Thankful for sweet smiles from this 5 MONTH OLD!

and squished up ones too.

Graham Crackers

YUM! We made some today. Go to the recipe blog to check them out!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life Week 4

I think I'm on week 4 but Jessica's post says week 3? Not sure about that... Anyway
Saturday- January 22- I wanted to wait till Graham was 6 months, or at least much closer to 6 months to start him on food. But he's been sleeping so poorly that I was willing to try anything. While I think it was just a growth spurt, not true hunger (like he wasn't getting enough from me) I'm glad I started him. He liked his first bite but that's about it!
Sunday, January 23- Grace loves her puppies. For some reason she calls them her kittys! She lines them up, takes them everywhere and mothers them. Here she was telling them to "be good or they will get time out!"
Monday, January 24- While I was making dinner I gave Grace some rice on a cookie sheet. Her enjoyment was worth the mess on the floor.

Tuesday January 25- Siblings. :)
Wednesday, January 26- Tonight we had Joe over for ham and beans. Joe's wife passed away about 5 months ago. She was a great friend to our family and we miss her. We enjoy having Joe over when we can.
Thursday, January 27- Graham can roll from belly to back!
Posted by PicasaFriday, January 28- Grandma Shirley came up for the weekend and played with us. She gave Graham Tracker to play with (Gracie's dog) He was thrilled. What you can't see is she was having a total fit! She is good about sharing but not her puppies.