Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trucking along

we are here! Wouldn't you know that I have lost misplaced my camera again. I have some great zoo pictures on there from last week! So.. after a few days I finally pulled out Shane's camp camera. took some good pics today of Hannah and Grace playing outside. (my niece is here this week!) Will post later!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching up PL (again)

Here is last weeks project life post!
Sunday, July 17- Grandma Shirley found Grace this Indy 500 shirt at a garage sale. We had her wear it to bed because it's a bit big. She was NOT happy! I think because it looks boyish on her? This pic isn't her being mad about it (although she will not wear it any more-ha!) She was playing pretend with her brella

Monday, July 18- Graham loves to pull all things off of tables, fridges and he cannot stand to have his toys open. He MUST close them. I love watching him do it! He's learning so much every day.
Tuesday, July 19- can you see this silly face of his? Love this too.
Wednesday, July 20- all ready to go to Sophie's 5th birthday party! I wasn't feeling well that day so after the party Grace stayed with the Gernand family and swam at the lake. I'm so thankful for friends who will step in and help! We do miss having family nearby to help us but we are blessed with many friends who fill the gap.
Thursday, July 21- The Ackermans! John and Jodie Ackerman are missionaries in Haiti and were/are like family to me. I have great memories with them on CHOG retreats and up at their house eating the best birthday cake EVER. Seriously. You can't beat it. :) They have been in Anderson for the summer so we went to visit. It was a bit chaotic, as is always with two small children who haven't napped properly but I still enjoyed seeing them.

Friday, July 22- picture on missing camera

Saturday, July 23- picture on missing camera

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chasing Graham

This is what happens when you chase a cute 10 month old. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

July 2008- Grace's first smile
July 2009-Silly girl
July 2010-
July 2011
July 2010- Graham
July 2011-Graham (he's come a long way in a year!!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today I am thankful for:
- summer. running outside, swimming, bare feet in the grass. Even hot sweaty days.
-Visits with family. Unexpected gifts from loved ones.
- Cards in the mail. A real paper card to open and read.
-My family. Two wonderful healthy children who are growing like weeds.
-A husband who cleans up after meals, who actually makes meals, and who wants to organize to make our lives easier(and who is a good hugger!).

-sweet baby faces who just take it all in. Love.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4H Fair

We went to the 4H Fair in Warsaw last week. It was a fun evening. Little man here is perfecting the feet up look. (love it)
Rides are crazy expensive. We decided we'll do 1 ride only so of course Grace picked the horses!
We walked through the animal barns and stopped at the baby section. She loved touching the chick that was two days old!
Is he not adorable in his hat???
The PNC bank booth was great! They had fun activities for the kids and also did a picture of them dressed up with a green screen and then printed it with a fun background. Graham was a cowboy and Grace was a ballerina.

And of course ice cream! Can you see Graham's face here? Begging, PLEASE DAD!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, July 10- I love that she's becoming a little less camera shy. I picked this picture because it shows our life- full of stuff (tent and toys) and then both kids doing their thing! Graham is loving the music table and Gracie loves her some snacks!
Monday, July 11- I love this expression- those lips pursed out like that... I see it often! Grace I love your spunk and your playfulness. I wish I had half of it- you keep me on my toes!
Tuesday, July 12- Grace was telling me the names of her babies...
Wednesday, July 13- not a great day for us, but we decided to make a memory and so we went to the fair. Grace liked the horses and baby ducks the best. (and the ice cream)
Thursday, July 14- My little man loves to eat!
Friday, July 15- He's been pulling himself up for a bit now but this was the first time he was standing in his crib when I came to get him!

Saturday, July 16- Grandma Shirley came for the weekend! We pulled out all our junk, I mean stuff, from the attic and then organized it. We also pulled down new toys that have kept the kids entertained! (not new to us, but toys that have been in the attic since Grace was about 2 so new to Graham and fun for Grace!)


He's growing so fast. He learns something new every day. But he's still my baby and I love it. I will so miss when he grows out of crossing his feet like this. Love.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

Gracie at 6.5 months with her new tricycle from Grandma Shirley

Gracie at 3yrs 1 mo. on her tricycle. She is still a few inches to short to get the push part down but she loves it!

Wordless Wednesday

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, July 3- no picture
Monday- July 4th- we went to the Lake and spent the day with Grandpa and Grandma Diane. grace had a great time swimming and playing with the neighbor's granddaughter. I was a bit worried about Graham during the boat ride, but he did great! Sis? She was antsy but I'll chalk that up to lots of late nights. They were both asleep in about 2 minutes when we left.
Tuesday, July 5th- Took the kids for a walk and sister insisted that she needed her winter boots, cause it was muddy and rainy. Who am I to argue with that? :)
Wednesday, July 6- Our kids from church were at "that thing" (camp) this week. Shane has been helping with the youth for the past few months so he was there for camp. (like not working but being a leader). We spent our free time over there as well. Graham and Grace had many friends who helped by playing with them!
Thursday, July 7- Gracie's new friend, Abra. I wish they lived closer! :)
Friday, July 8- Girls weekend! Jo, Jodi and I went to Indy to run a 5k. Running was great, but it's all about the food!

Saturday, July 9- our race! This is us, just rolling out of bed and going to run. The run was along the canal and it was beautiful and fun. The girls did a great job encouraging me and keeping me going- I know I used to run often but it's been a long time and it was a great accomplishment. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I did it! I ran my first (in a long long time) 5k! My friends had encouraged me a few months ago to get back in shape by signing up together to run a 5k. We picked one in Indy, along the canal. (It was sponsored by a black men's fraternity, who was having their national convention- offering free prostate exams after- HA!)

Here we are getting ready to go. I wish we would have taken pictures right before. It was a beautiful day and running along the canal was awesome! We finished around 35:30 I am very happy with that. It's not great but I hadn't run at all last week and I am still lugging around baby weight. I thought we'd do it in more than that but Jod and Jo are much faster than me and they kept me going with a few stops. They even went and ran another mile or so after- crazy girls! :)

We had a great time, but the race wasn't all,
There was the food. Much good food. (Five Guys Burgers)
On Saturday after the race we went to Stir Crazy at Castleton. It was delicious! (waiting for their food)
Jo and Jod made their own creations and they cooked it in front of them. They were both very good!

I picked sesame chicken and it was Hands down. I was so full but could not leave any of that good chicken.

I don't remember the name, but a yogurt place we stopped at- It wasn't the add your own toppings that Jo wanted but I think you can see below that we were satisfied. :)