Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, May 22- This was the storm that rolled in. The clouds were moving so fast. We've had quite a few large storms like this lately!
Monday, May 23- Graham will start off sitting somewhere but more often than not, he ends up under the coffee table. :)
Tuesday, May 24- Grace has been playing restaurant. She carries around an Elmo pad of paper and asks you what you want and "what else?" It's cute. Her lips purse up like this picture.
Wednesday, May 25- A girls night! I met Jo, Jodi, and Courtney at Flat Top Grill and then we went to Debrands for these delicious ice cream desserts. Oh.my. They were so good and I promise there was not one drop left!
Thursday, May 26- I'm so happy with my garden this year! It's really coming along. Can you see the hummingbird hovering over these iris'? I need to find out what kind they are too.
Friday, May 27- Sophie and Oliver came to stay with us for a few days! This was Sophie's last day of school so we took some pictures.

Saturday, May 28- fun with S&O!

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Veronica said...

great pictures! That dessert looks DELICIOUS!!!! I bet it was as good as it looks!