Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

May 1 & 2- No pictures. I didn't have my camera and we had the flu. But our friend Alexis brought over two things on Tuesday- anti nausea medicine for Shane AND MY CAMERA! I had left it at her house when we went over the weekend before and of course forgot completely. I'm so thankful it was there- I love my camera. :)
Tuesday, May 3- These two are starting to interact more. We'll see what happens when he starts wanting her toys, or chops off her barbies' hair. (I may or may not have been guilty of playing beauty shop with my sister's dolls when I was little-ha!)
Wednesday, May 4- Grace and I spent some time outside, me pulling weeds and Grace picking them!
Thursday, May 5- Our fourth anniversary! I love this picture of Graham trying to get the camera. His hand framed his sweet little face so well.
Friday, May 6- talking to his friends! (he's also getting closer to crawling- now getting up on all fours just a little bit!)

Saturday, May 6- so yesterday I got the bright idea to trim Grace's hair. Seriously. What was I thinking? It was not even by any means. So then we made and appointment to get it trimmed. Grace got to sit in a race car and when the lady was done she pulled it back and sprayed it pink! It was pretty shockingly pink but Grace loved it. And it washed out (thankfully!)

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