Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We have three mothers in our lives and we love all three dearly. I have been blessed to get two moms through marriage. I know some people have trouble with in laws. Not me. I have the greatest ones. We share common likes. I love to garage sale with Shane's mom. She and I can spend a whole day reading a book on opposite couches, or searching for great deals. We can talk forever about our faith, or just what we have been doing. Diane has a great eye for decorating and is always helpful with any ideas I have for my house (I am so NOT a decorator!), and we like to pass books along too. She has a great memory for plants and can name anything I point to in her yard, or mine!
(my sister, my mom, and me- April 2011)
Then there's my mama. Today Graham was not feeling well. Sick baby laying on my chest and all I could do was cuddle him and pray he felt better. I remember being sick and I swear to you the only thing that helped- my mom's tea and buttered toast. Not just any tea or toast- my mama's. When I was little I had growing pains in my legs. They hurt so bad they would keep me up at night. I have many memories of getting up and having mom rub my feet. And still to this day my favorite morning wake up is my mom's voice. I have always liked to call my mom and I'm pretty sure that when we talk she gets about 10 words in to my 100. I can call my mom with a new bird I see at my feeder and she'll know it, hands down. She's a giver too. You won't leave her house without something that she was thinking of when she saw it and had to get it for you. She remembers the little things - saving the coupons for me, the local paper, a treat for the kids. Not necessarily big ticket items, but it's the little things that mean something.

Happy Mother's Day Ladies. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for loving the four of us!

-S, S, G and G

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