Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project Life May 8

Not a great week for pictures. We were busy and outside as much as we could. I need to try to keep my camera with me always.

Monday, May 9-I did a little rearranging and took this end table out- Grace grabbed it for her computer stand!
Wednesday, May 11- We have been playing with Ian! He's grown so much. He loves to play outside which is great because we do too!
Thursday, May 12- See this little coral bell plant? Not too much of anything. Yet some animal keeps digging it and a few other of my plants up! It's not eating them, just digging them up roots and all! Grrr. I keep replanting them and hoping they aren't too damaged. I've been spraying ammonia water around them. Any other suggestions? My neighbor thinks it's a wild cat.

Friday, May 13- Having a tea party with Ian. Tea parties are always better in a leotard and dance skirt. :)

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