Monday, December 17, 2012

Phone Dump

It's been a busy time around here.  We were all sick for at least a week! (boo) and then we packed up and went south for the Hartman family Christmas.  We had a great time!  I've been so up and down this season I was a bit worried of how I'd feel but I really enjoyed my time with our family.

So to catch you all up, here are some dump pics from my phone!

 Shane built this deck at Camp Moneto.  Isn't it beautiful!  It's so spacious!  He actually gave us a play area up by the house now!
 Life at camp.  Kids playing on logs and having a blast.
 My friend Jodi made this.  LOVE IT.  I want to make one next year.  So if anyone has any nice big frames they don't want.... :)
 The best part about our little camp house is the fireplace.  Add Christmas lights to it and it is just about perfect.
 Got my girls matching ornaments for Christmas.
 Thing #1- sick
 And here is Thing #2
 He was so sad when he was sick.  Lots of juice and cuddle time happened.
 hartman family sequence!
 We made button ball ornaments. They turned out really cute!
 Graham had croup for a few days and then his 2 year molars and eye teeth decided to come in.  At the same time.  He was not a happy camper.
And it's just about a given:  Two sick kids will equal one sick mama.  I was thankful for PBS and for big beds!

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