Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas

This. This is how I feel:  She is talking about how we don't show the hard parts in our Christmas cards.

"We all have hurts, disappointments, frustrations, confusion and seemingly unanswered prayers. They just don’t look as pretty on the yearly Christmas card."
"I’m going to venture a guess, that behind the camera there is probably an “undecorated” and slightly-undone-less-than-festive scene just out of view of the lens.
Because, you know, that’s life. It unravels.
The good with the bad, the messy with the beautiful. Filtered light permeating dark shadows.
Both sides of the camera tell the true story of the life we lead. Tears mixed with joy. Messes behind the camera. Seeking beauty in front of us while wanting desperately to turn our backs and run away from the sadness and pain around us. {yes!}
God knew. He knew. He had a plan.
He sent His Son, a perfect gift for us that we might find joy and everlasting life.
No more pain. No more sorrow.
Joy without tears. Life where there was death. Peace where there was pain. Light in the dark."
* This post is from (in)courage . It's a great site.  Bookmark it.  Put it in your google reader.  Whatever.  Just read it.  It will most definitely incourage you.

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