Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decorating the Tree!

 I bet there were times when my mom didn't feel like decorating the tree.  Maybe she was busy, tired, or even sad.  But she did.  She got out the tree and put the lights on while we anxiously jumped around her waiting for the moment when she'd let us go to town with the ornaments.  Our tree was the same.  Grandma Shirley came to help (which is a good thing, our tree is a monster, a gift from her, and no one can do it up like Grandma can!)  And my kids were running around like crazy just itching to get to those pretties.  That's why we do it right?  Not because it's a whole lot of fun to sort, organize, hang, then turn around and take it all down in a few weeks. We do it because it creates that feeling of fun and excitement.

Gracie's just now getting to the age where she likes to hear about the special ornaments.  This one was from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Hartman for our first Christmas.
 Sis actually did a great job putting the ornaments on the tree.  She was very careful and spaced (some of them!) out.
 Graham needed a bit more help.  He can hardly keep his hands off of the tree. And let's not talk about how many balls have flown into it!  We are two weeks into it and only one broken bulb.  I call that success.
 Our finished product.  It's messy, and colorful, and full of all kinds of ornaments and memories.  Perfect.
And here's a memory I already showed you.  But it's worth showing again. :)
 Aaannndddd so far here is the "best" kids shot in front of the tree. 

I'll keep trying.  

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11


LisaM said...

I'm having troubles getting good photos of Lena and I only have one! :-)

Cami said...

Kids are SO hard to get to sit in front of the tree and not do anything for two seconds :)