Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still doing it!

Yes, I'm still taking pictures of Graham with his monkey. These were his 11 month pics. (I did miss month 10, oops).
At 11 months, Graham is
  • pulling himself up everywhere!
  • letting go and standing by himself for a few seconds
  • sleeping the same, 12 hours at night and two naps during the day (he may be ending the morning nap soon though....)
  • putting everything in his mouth! We went camping and I don't know how many stones I fished out of there...
  • becoming so independent. DO NOT take food out of his hand when he wants it. DO NOT put him down when he wants to use you to get somewhere/something.
  • Tried a new recipe this week and liked it. Black bean lentil enchiladas! :)
  • is a happy boy, always smiling.
  • gave me kisses today for the first time! I love love love it!
  • is waving now too!

  • is starting to mimic our sounds. Today he and his daddy spent a good 5 minutes clearing their throats. cute!

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