Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Friday, July 22- Love his smile. He's into throwing everything. Give him a toy? He'll chuck it for sure.
Saturday, July 23-I posted a video yesterday of Grace eating corn. MMMMmmmm with every bite. It was so good though. Sweet Corn Charlie is expensive but oh.so.very.good.
Sunday, July 24-can you see how much food he has shoved in there? He LOVES to eat!
Monday, July 25- We went to the zoo with some friends from camp and their kids. It was H.O.T. and very crowded but we had a great time!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- no pictures - camera lost, er, in stroller that apparently I didn't use all week to exercise!
Saturday, July 30 (thanks for letting me borrow the old camera hubby!)- My sister and her family came to visit. We went downtown to the mermaid festival and watched the Good Samaritan Helicopter land to give tours!
Sunday, July 31-Grace and Hannah played in the sprinkler. Then Daddy taught Grace how to spray water. She loved it!

Monday, Aug. 1-How did she get so big? Gracie went to her first VBS! I loved seeing her go off with her class. Really how did she grow so fast?
Tuesday, Aug 2- here she is going to her class!
Wednesday, Aug 3-Hannah was with us all week for day camp and Grace could not get enough of her. Everything was HANNAH! HANNAH! HANNAH! We loved having her around to help with the kids too. We told her we weren't going to let her go home!
Thursday, Aug. 4- Hannah's counselor at Day Camp. She had a great time!
Friday, Aug. 5- We left on Thursday afternoon and drove up to Michigan to go camping! We were at Leisure Lake Campground which I lovingly call "the Pits" (it's an old gravel pit, but it really is a great place!) Our friend Linda was there with her son David, who has special needs. We love having David around and this time Grace and David spent a lot of time coloring together. I loved how sweet they both were to each other!
Saturday, Aug. 6- It rained quite a bit but there is a big pavilion across from where we camp and so we hung out there. The rain came in anyway and sister spent a lot of time stomping in the water and dancing around. My sister got some great pics of that!

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camilla said...

Loved getting caught up a little bit on your summer. I haven't been doing much blog reading the last few weeks, so this was fun. Loved your She/He post. What a great idea. Such a great way to capture so much of what life is like in the moment. Love it!