Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, Aug. 7- Our last day of camping! Graham had lots of people to feed love on him while we were camping!
Monday, Aug 8- We went on the back porch after dinner and Graham learned how to climb steps!
Tuesday, Aug 9- Grace's first trip to the dentist! She did a fantastic job. I was so proud of her for sitting so well and being such a good listener.
No pic for Wed so here is what we did after the dentist, played with Jonah!
Thursday, Aug 11- I love this pic for two reasons- 1) we took out the tv in our living room and Grace really hasn't missed it that much. She plays so well but now watching tv is a treat! (and helps mommy get dinner ready!) and 2) Grace came to me that morning with her pajama top (pink) with a pink skirt (of course) that she'd pick to wear every day. I told her it was a pj top not a shirt. She said "trust me mom. trust me. it's a shirt". Well, ok then!
Friday, Aug 12- Cousins! We haven't seen Rilee and Reese since Christmas and that's way too long. They have grown so much! Grace had another first. She went to Grandma Shirley's "just because". We met her halfway and she had the girls with her. Grace had a fantastic time. I love this pic!

Sat- Aug 13- We went to the cottage on Saturday for lunch to visit with Brad and Diane and Shane's Aunt and Uncle, Lisa and Randy. It was great to see them and catch up!

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