Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

ok, this is two weeks worth, my pictures are not in the right order and I still have some to add, but whatever Here they are! :)

Sunday August 21- my boy loves to swing!
Monday August 22- and get himself into tight spaces!

Tuesday August 23- no picture (I may or may not have misplaced my camera again for a few days...)

Wednesday , August 24- no picture
Friday, August 25- We celebrated Graham's birthday on mine with Grandma Shirley and he had his cake!

Saturday, August 27- he started taking a few steps!!!

Then the previous week- backwards. :)
Saturday, August 20- Women of Faith! It was a fanstastic weekend and I felt so "full" Loved all of it, especially seeing one of my favorite bloggers, Angie Smith from Bring the Rain!

Friday August 18- Pic from Kelsey of the two of us waiting to go to Women of Faith!

Thursday Aug 17- no pic

Wednesday, August 16- Can you see this? he's standing all by himself!
Tuesday, August 16- Gracie's best bud's playing in the sand.
Monday, August 15- not sure what's happening here, but when it gets quiet, I come and check pretty quickly!

Sunday, August 14- waiting to pick up sister from her fun weekend with Grandma Shirley.

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