Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Day!

(my birthday last year with Gracie -3 days before we met Graham!)
Today is my birthday. It's a little funny, I have always LOVED my birthday. I remember letting everyone know as soon as Aug. 1 rolled around that THIS was my birthday month and isn't is SO exciting?!

But there's been a little bit of change recently. While I still like having a special day, it's not quite the same. All I can think of is it's because I have little ones now and *gasp* it's not all about me! Now I get to make their birthdays amazing and fun and so important. That's a change, but a good one.

My top favorite birthday memories-
  • my 6th birthday- getting 6 jars of homemade pickles and 6 bunches of carrots from my grandma and grandpa. Loved it.
  • my 16th birthday- having a big party with all my friends and celebrating with a friend, Daniyel who's birthday is 3 days before mine
  • my 21st birthday- going out to eat with my girls and ordering a drink (I can't even remember what, something big and slushy) and not really liking it or wanting it but then having it dumped in my lap before dinner (and no other drinking!!!!) even started!
  • my 22nd birthday, feeling down and being at collage and then having Jess surprise me and drive down to spend the night with me, eat ice cream, then get up very early to go back to Lansing to work.
  • my Haiti birthdays- being in the country and getting real milk and some brownies from the Baptist mission, sharing one with my sweet friend Jess in our little bedroom in our on campus apartment, my 26th on the 26th birthday with all my friends and our great bakery cakes from Marie Beliard. So very good.
  • my 30th birthday- bringing Shane home to meet my family and friends, knowing he was the one!
I am blessed indeed. :)

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