Friday, August 12, 2011


She loves all things pink and girly.
She cannot get enough dancing and twirling.
She tells us to "watch me" "watch me" over and over.
She loves going places and although is hesitant to try new things, once she does, she never looks back.
She went to Bible School last week and I hear bits of "Jesus" and "God" peppered into her play each day. My heart can hardly take it- crack.
She is a good eater but could live on cheese and cheerios.
She's not happy about trying new things, especially if they are mixed but she will.
She asks "why" a thousand times a day.
She likes to pretend still. Yesterday I told her I loved her. She replied. "I love you too Grandma". :)
He is into everything and everywhere.
He is letting go of furniture and standing by himself for a few seconds.
He loves to eat but is not a fan of veggies. When he's done his hands go right to his hair so he always has a greasy/messy/dirty spot on his head that often stands up by the end of the day.
He loves his daddy fiercely. (No one can make my kids smile like their daddy)
He may be cutting a few teeth because there have been some fussy days/nights/naps in the past few days.
He learned how to wave bye bye last week. We can't get enough of that. His crawling is lightning fast.

He likes to share.
He's been sleeping later but napping less. His hair is growing fast and I'll need to trim it soon. He loves his sister.

WE are blessed.

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