Monday, October 26, 2009

Where we've been Part 1

We've been on the road! We left on Wednesday last week to head to Arkansas to visit Shane's Uncle and his family. We picked up Grandma Shirley in Indy and we were off! Gracie did a great job in the car. She had a special event happen. We've had her rear facing in her big carseat up until now but we figured with the long ride it was a good time to change her to front facing! (I'd still like her to be rear facing but I thought that may help the 10 plus hour drive).
This was another fun activity. Watching MOVIES!

When we got to Bentonville we went to the mall to eat. There was a carousel there. Gracie was fascinated. She would NOT quit looking at it, even to eat. I took her on but she threw a fit about sitting on the horses so we sat on a bench and she had fun waving to Daddy and Grandma.

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