Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nap Time Happenings

Grace doesn't like going down for a nap but she wakes up happy. She usually plays in her bed for about 20-30 minutes.
She especially likes to read in bed!
She has not been a fan of this changing weather. The first time I put long sleeves on her she threw a fit! She pulled and bit at her sleeves. She was not happy.

Here is what she decided to do with them at nap time. If they're bugging- just take them off!


Judy said...

lol..Elliott is hating sleeves too

and socks.

Jessica said...

Shan, every time I see that sweet girl I just want to kiss her! She looks like she is so much fun and full of personality- just like her mama! I can't wait to meet her!!!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today! I miss you! Hope it works out for us to get together!