Monday, October 19, 2009

Things to do on Vacation- by Gracie

Things to do on vacation:

build a campfire. Daddy is good at it.
Roast marshmallows with Uncle Shawn and Nicki and Grandma and my cousins (ok I was in bed by this point but that's what THEY did)
run around the yard with Rilee and Reese and play tag and try to do cartwheels ( have you seen my mom TRY to do a cartwheel?!)

get lots of hugs from my cousins
Then, when you are on vacation and you wake up with a runny nose and just don't feel good, you can get into a sleeping bag with your daddy and stay in your jammies all day and just be sick.
You can watch movies and go way down into the sleeping bag. If you have a glow worm, you can take it with you so it's not dark in there.

The End.


Judy said...

loving the leopard print.

Anonymous said...

That's precious :)