Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for:
  • The weekend. Gracie gets to dress up (pictures to come) and we are going to make treats and take them to the neighbors
  • What comes after this weekend. After Halloween, it's then time to decorate for Christmas!!!!!
  • my little superstar. She now loves to wear her sunglasses.
  • work time with Daddy. She could spend (and does!) hours in the garage with him.
  • restful days. I'm glad that Shane had vacation and that he did get some down time.

  • Moments with Grace. She doesn't sit long anymore and she's not into giving kisses as much. She is too busy- too much to do. And there are way more cool people than her mama! :) But at least once a day she will stop and take a break and let me read to her or just sit with her. I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Sorry I didn't get to see you yesterday. Just remember, she will always need you - even when she's 25 and splits her head open in the middle of the night! Love ya! . . . and love the sunglasses!