Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching up

We went to Michigan two weeks ago for my cousin's wedding. It threatened rain but the wedding was perfect! We got there a bit early and headed to the playground. Grace "needed" to bring her monkey with her.

Seriously. She's fearless. She does not stop to look for us- to see if we are coming. She's all about ready or not....
She did let us catch up to her and she posed for her mama.

My cousin John. Grace was all over the place! I was thankful for Dad, and everyone else who kept track of her.
Ready for this caption? Well.. I don't know who these people are! They had a baby and Gracie was enthralled. She started off by looking at the baby and then before we knew it she was on this grandpas lap, just staring at the baby!
My parents and sister and our kids. :)

It was a great day, a beautiful wedding, and a fun time with family.

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Anonymous said...

I love weddings :)