Monday, April 20, 2009


We had another first yesterday- the first time Grace got the flu. It started right after church and is still going strong. She has an upset tummy, fever, and just all around feels bad. We have been on double duty, washing LOTS of sheets, pjs, towels, car seats, and even my clothes.

We were in Warsaw at Ruby Tuesdays, just getting out of the car when she first got sick. Naive parents that we were, we just thought, oh, she must have been carsick?? Of course... I did not have a change of clothes with me. So G and I went inside while Shane ran to Kmart for some clothes. Then while we are eating, I notice that she's not even touching her crackers... I told Shane to eat fast because I thought she was sick.. . just then, she confirmed it. In RUBY TUESDAYS. At the table. I grabbed her, cleaned her up quick, apologized to our neighbors, and got out to the car while Shane got to-go boxes. Thus began the flu. Poor little muffin. All she wants to do is lay her head on whatever is nearby.

I took her to the Dr. this morning and we are just doing little sips of Pedialite all day and hopefully she'll start to feel better tomorrow. The unfortunate thing is that Grace shared her flu with her daddy! So I have two sick ones here, softly snoring away. Praying that our house gets germ free soon!



Deanna said...

OH NO! Hang in there, momma! It will be better SOON! So, so hard when everybody else is sick and you have to juggle everything.... including ALL of the laundry involved!

Isaac had some late onset reflux that started at about 18 months.... I don't know how many times that kiddo got sick in a restaurant.... I got so used to seeing the HORROR on people's faces around us. Ug.... whatcha gonna do, ya know?!!! It happens!

Monica said...

Boo for sick baby Grace! And for sick baby Shane too! :) Hope all clears up in the Hartman House soon!

mommy4boys said...

Poor Grace. Did you happen to have an appointment for the doctor anyway? Funny it was the day she had the flu..Landon had Rotto Virus at Grace's age and by the time he had lost 2 pounds from not eating or drinking he had to go into the hospital..I hope she keeps her fluids down!! Hugs.