Monday, April 13, 2009

10 months (and some change)

it's getting harder and harder to get these pictures!
I did manage to snap one quickly before she rolled and started moving.

This is a sample of the rest of the shots I took. :)

Gracie is 10 months old (well, she turned 10 months on the 10th, I'm a bit behind)
At 10 months Gracie:
  • likes to explore. She especially likes to crawl under the table, through the coffee table, and even behind the treadmill.
  • likes to take things apart. A nice stack of DVDs? perfect. A basket of books? lovely. A pile of magazines? heaven She seems to have a mission to take things apart, or out of where they are.
  • has two favorite toys and two favorite books. The toys are her blocks and her stacking rings. I think this is because she likes to take them out of where they are. When we put them back, she just looks even more determined to take the blocks out or the rings off the post. Her books are 5 Little Ladybugs and then a new ABC book that Emma B. sent to her. (thanks Em!) She will let us read both of those over and over. She is good about sitting for books and turning the pages but she LOVES these. She especially loves the M and N page because they have to kids on there and she is fascinated by them!
  • has not learned any sign language yet. I am constantly going "more, more, do you want more Grace?" and making the sign for more. I also do please, all done and thank you. Nothing. In fact, her new "trick" is to holler and scream when she wants to eat. Not very endearing. :)
  • is getting better at moving and standing up. She even will walk by just holding one hand now.

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