Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1) We are ALL healthy at the Hartman house!
2) Grace will now clap just about every time I sing... "if you're happy and you know it..." It's pretty cute.
3) We had a great weekend! Grandma Shirley came and relieved us by loving on Gracie all weekend.

4) Shirley and I also went to some great garage sales (and some not so great!!!) I got G some wooden puzzles, a rocking horse, and a little farm fridge magnet thing and they were all great deals!

5) I ALSO found a super cute tea kettle. I haven't had one for a few months and if you are a tea person you will know that microwaving it is NOT the same. I have had three cups of tea in the past two days and it's been great!
6) This little clapper has decided that naps are for babies and since she's almost 11 months she's over it. We are lucky to get a half hour or so out of her each time.

7) I have book club tomorrow! I'm excited for the company of the ladies and also the discussion of a good book.

8) On one of our walks this past week we stopped to visit our friend Judy S. and she has two dogs. Grace LOVES animals! She doesn't mind them in her face and she is wants to see everything they are doing. She also makes this fun little noise when she sees a dog.

9) Gracie loved being outside this past weekend and she loves our walks. She isn't 100% sure about grass though. It's kind of picky and she will not move 1 inch when I set her down.

10) She also has developed a slight fear of the vacuum! She doesn't even want to crawl by it when it's off! I think it's kind of funny. :)

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