Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Gracie likes looking out the glass door. We have squirrels that come up on the porch and she can sometimes see them. She also likes to make noise with her hand by hitting the glass.

2. She is starting to take an interest in her doll, faces, and even a few stuffed animals.

3. She will clap, but often not on demand. (you've got to keep them wanting more right?)

4. I've been scrapbooking and have left it out all month on a table by the kitchen. She likes to get under there while I'm working. I've let her play with stickers and such. She loves it!

5. She does not like the vacuum. (does that mean it's a good thing I don't vacuum like I should?!) Yesterday she totally booked down the hall when I turned it on. then she tried to hide under the bar stool.
6. She is a good eater. She will eat veggies (if you give them to her first).
7. She LOVES eggs. If you haven't seen her eat eggs, you need to. We'll try to video it. She can eat 2 eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast. Today for lunch she has 4 chicken nuggets, a half of banana AND some green beans!
8. She is into everything. Nothing is safe.
9. She loves to get into her baskets. She's learning how to get out of them. She also dive bombs off the couch, your lap, or anywhere.
10. She is sitting on my lap as I type this, reaching for the mouse, the pens, some receipts... It's time to play before Daddy comes home!


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about this post is the declaration that she loves to eat. Now that's a girl after my own heart!!!! Joanne

Monica said...

I love me some pictures of Grace! She is getting so big...I can remember visiting the tiny tot in the hospital on the first day she was here. What a blessing! Love you Shan!