Monday, June 2, 2014

5 months of Gavin

Last week we celebrated 5 months of Gavin. 
At 5 months Gavin is:
  • learning so much it's interrupting his sleep!  He's had a few rough weeks of naps and nighttime but he's slowly getting it straightened out.
  • still sleeps swaddled.  It's frustrating when he gets flipped over but he hates to not be swaddled.  We are working on a slow transition.
  • chewing on everything!  He loves to dive bomb for his paci, your hands, or whatever he can get to his mouth
  • loves his toes!  He found them a few weeks ago and likes to grab his feet
  • rolls from belly to back and sometimes from back to belly
  • still has a high pitched giggle and laugh!

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