Monday, March 3, 2014

What I'm in to:

I'm in to making this little guy smile as much as possible.  His big brother is too. (thus the hand)
I'm in to watching tv!  We got dish and although it's just the very basic of packages it is more tv than we have ever had.  We get zero reception here and no antennae would be big enough to give us the main channels so dish it is.  I really find I'm too busy to have it on but the news and a little HGTV is lovely!
I'm in to school with Grace.  She's growing so fast and she's loving helping her baby brother.  She's doing great in school and although we've had some bumps in the road I can see progress.  

I am in to cooking again.  For so long at the end of my pregnancy and after Shane did the cooking.  I'm back at it and have been having the kids help me quite a bit.  It's hard in our oh so small kitchen but they are liking it.  They, on the other hand, are not liking the only healthy options that seem to be coming from said kitchen as mama works on losing her baby weight!

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Dad said...

This guy looks happy. His mommy was a happy one too.