Sunday, March 30, 2014


The kids and I made a quick trip t Michigan a few weeks ago.  I'm so glad we did.  It was such a nice visit.  At my parents the kids were in heaven with all the toys.  And the great part was that so many of them were toys from my childhood!  It was fun to see them play with toys that I have so many memories with. 
Someone got real comfy on Grandma's lap!
My Dad got down and put puzzles together and read books with Grace and Graham.  But my favorite part?  His front two teeth are fake and he can take them in and out and he popped them out and smiled at the kids.  HA!  I wish I would have had it on video! 
We also were able to see my sister and her family.  My brother in law loves littles.  :)
All the grandkids together! 
My mom and sister are always so good about doing Easter baskets and hiding Eggs for the kids.  Even though we were early, they had a little hunt for them.  The kids loved it!

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It takes a full days work for me to get down on the floor, and that includes the time it takes me to get back up.