Sunday, March 23, 2014

A weekend away

Shane had a conference in Ohio and so Gavin and I went with him for the weekend.  We dropped the kids off with Grandma and hit the road.  Just having the three hours in the car to talk uninterrupted was lovely. Then we went here.  This grocery store in Ohio offers FREE child care.  Did you read what I just wrote?  FREE CHILD CARE. While you grocery shop.  We stopped and asked a few questions.  It's two hours of child care, the ladies in there are CPR trained and have gone through background checks.  Each day of the week has themed activities and did I say FREE?  TWO HOURS?  and they have a coffee shop in the store.  I would go there every.single.week.  To grocery shop alone without hissing and glaring and giving the evil eye to whichever child is running/hiding/grabbing things off the shelf/begging for something.  I would move to Ohio for this store.
This time away was just what I needed. It was so nice.  I had no responsibilities other than to take care of Gav.  We went for a few long walks downtown and I loved that.  It was nice to spend time with just Gav too.  The belly laugh video from below is from that weekend.
We were able to see our friend David.  He works for Destiny Rescue and they had a booth at the conference.  Look at how Gav's checking out his Dad.  Not the last time he's gonna embarrass you bud.  Get used to it. :)
They had these huge bean bags all around. Shane got comfy in one with Gavin during worship so I could enjoy it.
This weekend was so what I needed.  I was feeling really overwhelmed with everything and it was great to just take some time off and relax and also reconnect with Shane.  I'm so thankful we had this weekend away!

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