Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Disney Princesses

Our second day was at the Magic Kingdom. (random side note: see the person behind us? Ever wonder how many pictures of your backside are on other people's blogs?! Ha!)

 I know that some of you are not interested in princesses, or letting your daughter dress up like one, or watching the movies, etc.  We, however, are not that family.  We are full of pink, princesses, and the such.  I surprised Gracie by packing one of her dresses so she could dress up.  She was so so excited.
 She also loved making friends.  Praise the Lord for other "princesses" who had to wait in line too.  It kept her occupied.  Don't you love her pose by the way?!
 Snow White joined Sleeping Beauty.  They had a lot to catch up on.   I was so so proud of Gracie.  She would see a little girl and then say "mom, I want to talk to her".  She'd go up to the girl and ask her name.  She'd tell her that she was Grace then ask if they could be friends.  Most of the time the little girl would say yes and then they would play for a bit.  I've heard people talk about watching their kids grow up and their hearts cracking a bit as they do.  This was one of those moments for me.   My heart couldn't get much fuller.  A few times the little girl would say no and them my sweet girl would just come back and say "she didn't want to be friends" then find something else to do.  Again, I am so proud of that girl. 
 Rapunzel was our first princess to meet.  Only I couldn't remember her name, I just kept thinking "Tangled" ha!
 Then we saw Belle.  Can you see Graham looking over to the right?  He's staring at his girlfriend, Cinderella.  He only had eyes for her!
 Look at this face! She was so so excited!
 Shane and I both said that if our daughter grows up to be like the princesses she met- full of hospitality, grace, kindness, and love, we will be thrilled.  So let her be a "princess" :)
 And let him marry one.
(can you see her lipstick on his cheek?  he was so cute!)

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Jessica said...

Shan I love your pics! So glad you got this time with your family!