Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney Part 1

We have some dear friends who gifted us a week at a condo.  We decided to use it as a family trip and headed to Orlando.  Our original plan was to go down and spend one day at the Magic Kingdom and then just hang out the rest of the time.  We also threw around the idea of Sea World.  

Wellllll, we got there, and started looking at tickets and decided to do two days at Disney.  And if we were doing two, then we should get the three day deal, and the fourth day is SO cheap if you buy three and then if you buy four you get the fifth for free.  Before we knew it we were doing the WHOLE disney deal!  

 And it was fantastic.  We had a great time. The kids loved seeing the characters.  We didn't do everything and we didn't rush, but we had lots of laughs, smiles, and great memories.

 We started at Epcot.  The characters were amazing.  I loved it. Grace was enthralled.
 Shane was excited, Graham? A little nervous. Ha!  Look at that face.  He really did like them though.  Especially Goofy.  Pluto made him a bit nervous.  :)
 But check this out.  We saw Chip and Dale and he went right up to Dale and gave him a hug, and then just stayed there! 
 Chip "told" us to be quiet and that Grahamers was sleeping.  Ha!  It was so cute.
 We went on the Nemo ride (twice in a row!) and saw the fish and dolphins and manatees.  

 And.... a whole week of swimming will give you this.  Grace is swimming!  She did so good and loved it.  She kept wanting to swim without her puddle jumper.  I almost cried watching her do so well. (ok, there were a few tears!)  I am so proud of her when she learns something new and tries new things.  It's not in her nature. She's like her mama and likes things safe and the same.  I love seeing her grow and change.

And I wouldn't forget Graham!  He's so daring and brave ALL the time.  He loved jumping in the pool!

Stay tuned for Part II and THE PRINCESSES! :)

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Cami said...

Brings back the memories of stopping in Orlando (and Disney World) almost every Summer on our way back to The States to see family. Looks like you had an amazing time.