Monday, October 22, 2012

So many choices

There are too many pictures for me to post.  I can't decide which ones.  But since this is my blog to document my family I'll pick all of em and then they'll be there for our memories!
The Dumbo ride was a favorite.
And more so when it got going!
There is a little splash pad zoo thingy that Grace loved.  She doesn't usually like stuff like this so we let her go crazy.  It looks like Graham was having fun too but I'm pretty sure he ran back to us right after this.
Another friend.  This little "Merida" was beside us for the light parade.

I love this one.  Two of my loves and the castle of dreams in the background.
waving to the princesses

All of the parades were great. The characters were so much fun. 
This is how they both looked at the end of the night!

The light parade was fantastic.  Someone said that it would be the same as the day parade but with lights.  It was nothing like the day parade. Both were very unique.  I'm glad we stayed for it! 
We didn't plan on staying so close to the castle for the fireworks but it was too hard to get out.  I'm so glad we were that close though.  It was so beautiful

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