Monday, October 29, 2012


 We made a trip to Michigan a few weeks ago.  The guys went to a CMU vs.  BSU football game.  Well, Grahamers stayed with the ladies.  Soon, he can join the guys!  We went to Anderson and Girl's Orchard.  It's a great place for kids.  

 They have this neat goat area.  You can feed them and they have bridges and things for the goats.  Cute!

 Grace LOVES Hannah.  I know it gets tiresome for Hannah to have Grace tag along all.the.time, but she does so well and is a good example for her.
Aunt Michelle
 It's partially blurry on Hannah, but a nice pic of Mom and Daughter!
 Sisters.  We look more alike with my hair dark.  :)
 Aaron and my great Aunt Dorothy.  It's funny to think about.  Will I someday be having breakfast with Hannah's grandkids?  That's what it's like for Aunt Dorothy!
 The Birthday Boy Uncle Adam!
 Grandpa and Graham. 

I am blessed to have a loving family and to be able to spend time with them!

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