Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everyone needs a superhero

Doesn't everyone need a superhero?

Grandma Shirley brought the newer Superman to our house and Gracie  No kidding.  We have had a number of goldfish come to live (and die) at our house lately, thank you fair lady for giving our daughter a free win, and the last two were named Superman.  

This is Superman.  See his blue uniform and red cape? Here is what Gracie likes about Superman. (her words)

"He's the greatest and he's the strongest. He saves the airplane I like.  I like the bad guy and the kryptonite.  I like her too (she's looking at the DVD case).  I like all of Superman."

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Christi.Overman said...

We love Superman too! Tonight Ian said, "I'm dancin' 'cause I'm a superhero and superheroes dance like this!" :)