Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Sunday, April 17- On our way to Florida! We stopped off at the Opryland Hotel. It was beautiful!
Monday, April 18-This is our condo we stayed at- The Boardwalk Condo. Shane stayed at the neighboring conference center a few years ago when he went on a youth trip. There were no other high rises around us- I liked that! We were on the 21st floor, (2nd from top) on the left hand side.
Tuesday, April 19- We walked down to Spinnakers to eat dinner. We had a GC for $25 off of $50 so we ATE a ton! It overlooked the beach and was a fun atmosphere. The best part? Peanut Butter pie ON a stick! :)
Wednesday, April 20- Our good friends Jason and Kristi are moving to Florida- They bought a pizza place there called Pizza by the Sea. It's not far from Panama City beach so Shane golfed with Jason today and then we all went over for dinner! I had spaghetti pizza- sounds funny but it was so good! The restaurant is right beside Seaside which is super cute and has fun stores. I liked seeing Jason there and knowing where my friends will be living (but I'll miss them like crazy!)

Aaannnnndddd...... that's all. I did take more pictures, but I cannot find my camera anywhere! I am so bummed about that. My house is mostly clean too! I know it's here because I took pictures of the beautiful tulip tree and our flowers out front on Sunday. Praying I find it quickly!

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