Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Monday, April 11- Grace and I went outside to play with chalk. She had fun putting it on her face and I had fun making signs for Shane- ha!
Tuesday, April 12- a quick visit to see Grandma Diane at the lake. We had a nice time and Grace liked walking down by the water.
Wednesday, Apri, 13- Story time at the library! We go every Wednesday and Grace has really started to enjoy it. This time we walked there (I needed a good walk!) and they had two alpacas come for the kids to see/touch.

Thursday, April 14- no picture
Friday, April 15- Shane went to take down the Christmas wreath (yup, in April...) and look what we found! There are five eggs in there and I am so excited to see them as baby birds! (but it's a small nest so I'm hoping I don't have to clean up any little ones who get squished out and onto our porch!)

Saturday, April 16- Trying out his hat.. it came off about 10 seconds later.

Sunday- April 17 - road trip= more to come!

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