Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to our church's Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Grace was a bit unsure about all the people and didn't want to play the games. She had to be persuaded.

This one she got to throw an egg into a bucket. She won this cute pink chocolate bunny.
And could not get enough of it. It was gone in a heartbeat!
Graham liked watching everyone. He didn't get to partake of the egg finding. There were so many kids there! The could get 10 each but either the parents didn't hear or didn't manage their kids because they ran out fast! Grace was very happy to get 6 of them and then gave three to a little girl who only found one. I love that she was ok with sharing!

They had a cake walk and I made this cute sunflower cake! It was super easy and super cute if I do say so myself-ha! (it looks more like a sunflower when you look down on it)

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